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A More Personalized Approach to Women's Wellness

Understanding that your health is not an expenditure, but an investment, is a fundamental shift in perception that can revolutionize your wellness. By investing time and resources into your health today, you can transform your vitality and overall wellness, reducing risks of future ailments and enhancing quality of life. Your health is the platform on which all other aspects of your life are built.

Led by our Board-Certified Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, we offer an exceptional, personalized approach to your care in a relaxing, welcoming environment that is unlike anything you've experienced

in a medical office before.

We look forward to welcoming you into a partnership that is designed to guide you

on a path towards achieving your health goals.

What to Expect:

What a typical patient experience looks like:


Initial Consultation  

During this consultation, Erin will focus on understanding your current concerns, your detailed medical history, and discuss the various programs available to choose from based on your individual needs. After deciding on a program, blood work is typically drawn so please plan accordingly (we recommend fasting 8 hours prior to your appointment time).


Treament Consultation

Next you'll return to our office for your treatment consultation to review your labs in detail and to discuss your specific treatment plan moving forward. Please note, if you are over age 40, a recent mammogram will be required to start hormone therapy.  


First Follow Up Visit

One month after your program start, we'll conduct your first follow up visit to ensure you are progressing and starting to feel the benefits (and symptom relief) that will come with balancing your hormones, along with focusing on the the lifestyle changes you're engaging in to optimize your overall wellness. 


On-Going Support and Guidance

Follow- up appointments will vary based on your specific needs and program goals, but rest assured we are here for you every step of the way for those moments in between. 

Our Weight Loss & Hormone Programs

1. (1).png

ReplenisHER Basic

What's included:

  • Baseline blood work to help determine your current  hormone or metabolic health

  • Treatment plan tailored to your unique hormonal or weight loss needs

  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Lifestyle Guide

  • Either a 30-day supply of compounded GLP-1 injectable weight loss medication + supplies OR up to (2) customized hormones delivered directly to your home.

  • Weight loss patients also receive one initial education/administration appointment to learn how to use these medications, review side effects, etc. 

  • Monthly follow-up visits

Prices as of 3/31/24:

Initial Consultation: $199

Monthly Hormone Membership: $249

(up to 2 hormones- $50 for each additional)

Monthly Weight Loss Membership: 

Semaglutide- $395

Bella Capsules- $200

*Discount available for those wishing for both our hormone and weight loss programs


**We are a self-pay practice and do not work with insurance.**

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 ReplenisHER Plus

Hormone Replacement Therapy 

Weight Loss & Metabolic Reset

A 12-week program for women who are struggling with signs of hormonal changes commonly seen during perimenopause and menopause including:

  • irregular or absent periods

  • hot flashes

  • mood swings

  • irritability

  • anxiety and/or depression

  • poor sleep 

This program is for women who simply don’t feel like themselves anymore due to low libido, low energy levels, or a myriad of symptoms that arise when the body is not functioning optimally.

Women in this program are ready to tackle their hormonal symptoms in a functional, holistic approach that incorporates more than just hormone replacement, but also focuses on stress, sleep, nutrition and more.​

A 12-week program for women who are ready to lose weight for good by not only focusing on diet and exercise, but recognizing the impacts inflammation, stress, and other lifestyle factors impact our ability to lose weight. 


Our comprehensive program incorporates functional medicine principles and was developed by a dietitian with the goal of improving overall metabolic health, leading to better weight loss results and setting you up for making the sustainable changes needed for lasting health. Weight loss medications are also incorporated into this program, when appropriate. 


Women in this program have tried the fads, the restrictive diets, and typical weight-loss clinics without success and are ready to put in the hard work to see real results. 

Both programs include:

  • 60-minute in-depth initial consultation to discuss your current health issues and concerns, symptoms, previous health history and ultimate wellness goals. 

  • Comprehensive functional medicine lab work panel for an detailed look into your metabolic, hormonal, and nutritional health.

  • Personalized treatment plan and metabolic roadmap focused on achieving optimal hormone balance, symptom relief, weight loss and wellness goals.

  • Complimentary nutrition and exercise plans personalized exclusively to you

  • Extended monthly follow-up appointments with our provider plus "InBody" body composition scans to track your weight loss progress and body composition changes​

Plus Your Choice of:

  • Customized hormone protocol based on your individual symptoms and concerns with all prescriptions sent as a 90-day supply directly to your home.


  • 12-week supply of Semaglutide, syringes & supplies plus one educational appointment to discuss administration, storage, proper usage of Semaglutide injections

Plus more!


Prices as of 3/31/24:

Initial Consultation: $199

12-week program: $1975

*Discount available for those wishing for both our hormone and weight loss programs


**We are a self-pay practice and do not work with insurance.**

1. (3).png

It’s for women who are tired of dealing with failed attempts at weight loss, worsening perimenopause or menopause symptoms, poor digestion and gut health and truly want to focus on a functional medicine based approach to longevity. Together we'll take an in-depth look at your gut microbiome, adrenal health, and more by following a stringent but personalized functional and integrative health protocol, with the utmost support and guidance along their journey. 


Our proprietary 24-week intensive longevity program is designed for those women wanting to fully immerse themselves in functional-medicine model of care to live well, feel vital and optimize their metabolic and hormonal health.

It picks up where our ReplenisHER Plus program leaves off by including both hormones and weight loss medications PLUS :

  • Adrenal Health Testing- salivary cortisol analysis and treatment protocol

  • Functional Gut Health Testing- comprehensive GI-MAP stool analysis and treatment protocol

  • Food Allergy & Sensitivity Testing

  • 8 in-person and 6 asyncronous provider follow up visits

  • Unlimited 1:1 support via our HIPAA compliant text service

    • ​for services related to your treatment plan here at Replenish Women's Health


Prices as of 3/31/24:

Initial Consultation: $199

24-week program: $6975


**We are a self-pay practice and do not work with insurance.**


The Longevity Protocol is for women who are ready for a major lifestyle change

through a fully functional medicine approach.

ReplenisHER Longevity Protocol

Now offering telehealth consultations for weight loss and hormone replacement

for Tennessee patients!

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