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Meet Our Provider



Erin is a board-certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and the owner of Replenish Women’s Health. Her career in nursing began over a decade ago, where she knew from the time she graduated her nursing program that she wanted to focus on caring for women in some capacity. Erin was lucky to spend a large portion of her career as a Labor & Delivery nurse, serving high-risk obstetric patients and their families. During this time, Erin became certified in In-Patient Obstetrics through the National Certification Corporation (NCC), and later obtained a Master’s Degree of Science from Frontier Nursing University with a focus in Women’s Health.

Through her experience and witnessing firsthand how women are so often overlooked, under-served, and frankly dismissed when seeking medical care, Erin has made it a personal goal to help women feel valued and heard when it comes to their health- particularly during our perimenopausal and menopausal years. She understands these years are often stressful- from raising children, caring for aging parents, maintaining a career and everything in between. By adding our changing hormones to the mix, Erin truly believes this stage of life is a perfect storm which often forces us to put our own health and wellness on the back burner.

When Erin envisioned what is now Replenish Women’s Health, she wanted to create an environment where women could feel at ease discussing their health without judgement or fear that their concerns would fall on deaf ears. Whether it be hormone replacement, weight loss, or our other services, Erin wants you to feel welcomed and realize that self-care is truly the best way to replenish your health and enhance your wellbeing.

Why Choose Replenish Women's Health?


Step away from cold, impersonal offices and exams rooms and into the warm, welcoming environment of our practice. You'll leave relaxed and at ease knowing you chose to place you care in our hands. 


We understand that quality healthcare shouldn't be rushed and that's why when you sit down with Erin, you can be assured that you won't be hurried out the door in 15 minutes. Initial consultations are scheduled as 60 minute blocks, with all follow- up visits scheduled for 30 minutes. 


Every woman is an individual and their care should be just as unique. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter treatment plans and hello to personalized care based on comprehensive lab work and in-depth evaluations with your personal health and wellness goals in mind. 

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